FAQ's & Tips on Mallets

Choosing your mallet.

When Choosing your mallet there are a number of things to know before you buy your new RPMallet

  1. We recommend you have a couple of coaching sessions with your club coach first. If you dont have a club coach then a few lessons with a senior player is advisable. It is advisable to have played with a club mallet for a few games if not a couple of weeks to a month to ensure you have worked out the grip, size and weight of mallet suited to you
  2. It is always best to have played with a couple of different size and weight mallets from your club before you make your purchase of a new mallet and again help from your club coach or a senior player to ensure you have a mallet that is suitable for your grip, stance, height and strength is important.
  3. The main thing you need to consider and have worked out is your grip. If Solomon, Irish or Standard Grip.  This is the most important part to work out and spend some time on. If you are finding your hands, wrists, elbows or shoulders are causing pain often a change in your grip will help this. Again a couple of sessions with a coach will help with this.

How long does it take to make my mallet? The time varies depending on the mallet you have ordered, the time of the year and availability. We try to have our mallets constructed and posted within 7-8 weeks. We ask you to allow 7-10 days for delivery at this stage. We always endeavor to have your mallet to you as soon as possible. It is important to remeber these are all individually hand crafted to individual specifications with care and dedication to excellence. you mallets are not mass produced and as such if I am not happy with the end result I will start again and make another mallet before sending it to you our customer.

What are the facings made of on RPMallets? The faceings on all our mallets are made of a very tough product called Q10. it is similar to tufnol, very hard wearing and durable. the facings have two layers on our mallets the first is glued and screwed to the body of the mallet, and the second glued. These wil last an exceptionally long time.

Is the Series 2000 or Premier still available? The Series 2000 and Premier mallets are no longer in production. The best alternatives are the True Balance or True Force.

Sore hands, wrists elbows? This can be helped by chosing a Mid Flex shaft or a Flex Shaft for your handls as there is more give in these.  Those who suffer from arthritis also find a handle shaft with some give in it gives much less feed back from the shot up the shaft and so is more gentle on the body.

Golf, True Balance or True force mallet? the differences in the mallets are largely reflected in price the better the balance and design the higher the price. Our Golf Croquet Mallet is an excellent mallet and perfect for the casual croquet player or beginner. If you are a regular player then you should seriously consider the True Balance or True Force these are both excellent mallets. They with out doubt the best peripheral weighted wooden constructed mallet available on the market today. They both have excellent balance and feel. The difference betweeen the two is True Force has a brass plate behind the composite striking face which give it a very crisp feel to the shot. It also has a lighter body with a higher peripheral weight rating givng improved balance and accuracy.

How heavy should my Mallet be? This is up to personal preferance. Things to think about are with a mallet too light you may find your are pushing/hitting at the ball too much and not letting your mallet do the work for you. You also may find it hard to make the longer shots accurately. Or if you have a mallet too heavy for you, you may find you end up with injuries of find it difficult on the shorter shots. 

How long should my mallet handle be? The length of your mallet handle is dependant on a number of things, your height, grip and also to some extent physical ability. Players who struggle with their back for instance may be advised to us a longer handle with the Solomon grip and stand much more upright than say a player with Irish grip. This needs to be worked out thoroughly before you purchase your mallet otherwise you may find you need a longer or shorter handle in a months time when you have worked out that your grip needs some adjustment. some time spent with your club coach or a senior play will be time well spent here.

Longer mallet head vs shorter? The magority of top croquet players would use a mallet head will be using a mallet head length between 10inch - 12inch long. It comes down largely to personal preference but the majority of mallets we seel are 10inch or 11inch. Most will find a greater level of accuracy with a longer mallet than shorter. 

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