Here's what some players think of their Ray Puckett Mallets, RPM Mallets, if you would like to add to this page with your own personal experiences, please email Craig.

I am delighted to give you a report on the True Force 12 inch I got from you earlier this year. Without doubt THE BEST I have had. When I step onto the lawn, I have great confidence that my ball will go exactly where I want it to, be it a roquet, a hoop shot, or a safety shot into the 9 inch US six wicket corner. All of us here at the New York Club with an RPM say thanks Craig.

George Blake - New York - USA

As you know I recently acquired a Ray Puckett True Balance mallet from you. I have only been playing croquet for 10 months and with the 2nd hand mallet I was using I was doing okay but not improving much. However with only one week out from entering Tauranga's Club weekend tournament I bought your mallet. My game so improved that I only lost one game...at the 13th hoop during the whole tournament. All 7 doubles on Saturday and 5 of 6 singles on Sunday. I love the mallet and the added extras ie the sight lines and ball colours etc. are fantastic to use.

THANK YOU sooo much.

Rita Roberts - NZ

 finally had a chance to play some Association Croquet with your “True Force Solid” and I confirm my most favourable impression about it.

This mallet makes very difficult to hit out of line, and it has a good balance in playing roll and stop shots (we played on a very rough lawn, but it didn’t take much strength to play a roll shot across all the lawn); this mallet is also very effective in Golf Croquet, letting me play stop rushes (or stun-shots, I don’t know how you call them in NZ: making a roquet to send the other ball as far as possible, while your ball stops very close to where the other ball lain) from quite a long distance (up to a couple of meters), and giving a good confidence in hoop running, and long and hard clearances.

I hope many other players may enjoy playing with this mallet as I did.

Andrea Pravettoni - ITALY

I have played with RPM mallets for over 10 years and have been impressed by the quality of the product and most important the playing characteristics. Although probably past my best as a player these days I won the NZ Singles & Doubles Titles in 2002 with a Puckett and also played with them in the 2000 & 2003 MacRobertson International Test Series. My latest RPM True Balance head has lifted my confidence and I experienced a "purple" patch winning my club Open Championship with a classy turn or two. Kind regards.
John Prince,
New Zealand Champion '02

At the other end of the world there is a little country in Europe - not very well known for croquet: Austria.
We are a group of enthusiasts making good progress.
About 2/3 of all players play Ray Puckett mallets - all of us are very happy with it. After having found the right mallet each player improved significantly. Esp. my wife who had serious operations in her wrist is sure that without the version "carbon flex" she would have to give up croquet.
We also have to point out that not only the quality is superb - also the procedure from request to order and to delivery works to our satisfaction.
Heinz Hackl,
Croquet Club Wolkersdorf i. Weinviertel, Austria

This is the 4th RPM mallet that I have had from you and it is by f-a-r the best! The Ray Puckett TRUE BALANCE mallet appears to pack more punch for the effort I have to exert. I can hit balls the length of the lawn with little effort. I feel this adds to the accuracy. I can do roll croquet shots for long distances with centre stance - which I have not been able to do before. I feel the power assisted phenomenon greatly enhances the accuracy of roquet shots. Whatever you have done to the weighting it certainly works!
Maurice Height - Morrinsville NZ

I feel compelled to write and thank you most sincerely for my glorious new mallet. It helped me to win a small club competition, thus getting my name up in gold on the wall of the club. This acted as a warm up for the NSW silver singles championship which I won undefeated!! This is so unbelievable to EVERYBODY that suddenly lots of them are interested in acquiring their own RPM's
Gale - Randwick NSW

Just a short note to thank you for my wonderful mallet. I tried one when I went to see the Nationals in Adelaide. Although a new mallet was not on my shopping list I decided to have one for my 50th birthday present. How pleased I am. I love playing with it and have just won the Womens Singles. Div and State championship. I only had a few weeks to practice but it gave me such confidence that I played well. Thank you again and much success with your venture.

P.S. I have no sight in my right eye and find the 2 sight-lines a great advantage.

Lynne Harris - Adelaide SA

I am always looking for improvement and I have used a number of different RPM designs all of which have contributed to the enhancement of my game. I know of many other players who have also benefited from using RPM mallets. The most significant change I observed were an improvement in accuracy and the ability to play the bigger croquet shots on heavy courts with ease and confidence. My accuracy in longer roquets improved significantly allowing me to play more aggressively and to regain the initiative at crucial stages. I also found a marked improvement in my ability to hit big rushes. I would not hesitate to recommend the RPM Mallet to any croquet player interested in improving their performance by using a 'leading edge' mallet.
Bruce Fleming - Australian Champion

I have been using the new Ray Puckett TRUE BALANCE mallet for about 3 months now, and believe it is the best mallet I have seen. I recently won the SACA C.B.Sharpe medal (2007), which is probably South Australia's most prestigious croquet tournament. At almost 70 years of age it was an unexpected achievement, and I believe the new RPM TRUE BALANCE was a definite contributing factor.

John Riches - SA Champion &
Head Coach Australian Croquet Association

About 2 months ago I took delivery of the latest mallet innovation from Ray Puckett Mallets, the RPM TRUE BALANCE Mallet. I took the mallet into the final of the Auckland Championship Mixed Doubles the first time I played with it. My partner and I won the tournament and I immediately noticed I was able to hit good roquets with confidence and consistency. The TRUE BALANCE is even easier to use in producing a very good stop shot, but the main attribute this mallet brings to any croquet player is it's ability to make consistent roquets.
Malcolm Cawley - Auckland NZ

Just thought I'd let you know that I absolutely love the RPM Mallet I got off you. It is so easy to hit and the balance gives such a sweet spot when you hit the ball. My game has improved heaps and I am now making breaks of five-six in championship games. I won our club 'C' grade only last week, after being beaten easily by the same person. The mallet gives me great confidence to carry out tasks effectively. Thank you for this wonderful weapon.

Robin Hall - Invercargill NZ

Thank you for sending the croquet mallet I ordered. I have now had the RPM Mallet for one month and it is wonderful! Apart from the looks and the finish it plays 'great'. My game has improved and it is so comfortable to use. I find the double sight-lines easier to use than the conventional single sight-line and the curved base avoids any digging in or air strokes. To say that I am thrilled with the RPM Mallet is an understatement. Thank you again for making such a wonderful product.

Phil Orrington - Newcastle upon Tyne UK

Hope you are well. Look what "I did" with my new RPM Golf mallet! Thanks a lot.
(South African National Golf Croquet Champion)

Grahame Tomes - South African Champion

I can't believe how quickly you have managed to send my mallet over, and how very thoughtful of you to send a sock over too. I am so excited I am going to take the afternoon off and rush down to the croquet lawn for an hour's practice before I pick up my daughter from school. Thank you again, you have made a Sydney girl very happy.

Alix Verge - Sydney NSW

Thank you for my new RPM Premier Mallet which has just arrived. It is all that I could have expected, first class material beautifully made and finished, a real joy to behold and to own. It was tried out at Brighton Croquet Club yesterday, not only be me but by several others some of which were skilled low handicap players of many years and all were impressed by its performance and appearance. Although I have yet to get the real feel of it I have already noticed a marked improvement in roquets especially the really long ones and I can get the distance shots without having to heave as previously. A great confidence builder.

John Poynter - Mt Waverely VIC

My new RPM Mallet is beautiful. It arrived on Thursday and I immediately went up the courts to have a practice. The first dozen roquets were perfect. As a beginner I couldn't believe it. This mallet was improving my game!! Then reality hit and the next dozen or so were my normal 'hit some miss some' routine and I concluded that while the mallet will help I still need to do a bit of skill development!! I am looking forward to many enjoyable years playing croquet with my RPM Mallet. Thank you.
Marianne Punshon - The Basin VIC